Checking in

I’ve been missing for a while. Right now, there are a couple of things that I am busy with and unfortunately, this blog is not on that list yet. I actually did write a couple of posts but never got around to posting it. When things settle down, and I find more strength in me to write, I will come back with accounts of all the amazing places I have been to. I’ve decided that maybe a “diary” style is more comfortable for me than a “travel guide” style but nothing is set in stone yet.

In the meantime, I am still active on Instagram. Please connect with me there ^^

Til’ then, wait for me. Ciao ❤

Weekly Updates: This just in – On Travel Vaccinations

Kind of almost broke my new year’s resolution by not posting yesterday. Lol. How ironic. Anyway, I was thinking I’ll be too busy to post the next few months. Too many things too fast. Need space to breathe. So there’s that.

Shall not ramble so much today. Still enjoying solitude way too much. Guess the loner in me is taking over for now.

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A new year, a new me

TL;DR: 2015 was the year that brought me down to nothing and 2016 shall be the year I rise up once again.

I will admit, 2016 has gone off on a rocky start. However, I’m back on my feet now and will be happier than ever. Dreams are coming true, renewed hope and faith, the future is looking bright indeed.

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Weekly Updates: This just in – Back from South Korea

It has been 2 interesting weeks. I emerged with greater clarity, or so I hope. There is no need to dwell. I look forward to the future with greater anticipation and hope. I am finally leaving 2015 behind and stepping into 2016 now that I’m back.

For now, let me unpack my baggages.

Tomorrow, I will reflect on 2015 for its lessons and celebrate its achievements.

Thank you for sharing in my ups and downs.

Much love ❤❤

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This just in – On mishaps, flight cancellation and more

Another week has passed yet again. Every Sunday, I will be here rambling on about my week. Since this is the last Sunday before Christmas rolls around, here’s wishing you a joyous holiday and safe travels (wherever you are going)!

If this has been a great year for you, congratulations! You deserve all the celebrations and a pat on the back. If it has not been so great so far, fear not, the best is about to come. The challenges in life are preparing you for something greater. Let go of the negative emotions and let the new year be a fresh new start. Wherever you are in your life, I hope you are filled with happiness and contentment and gratitude for all that you have.

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Vegetarian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh

On my recent 3 day trip to Ho Chi Minh City, I brought a group of vegetarians around the city. Here’s my experience. I discovered that being vegetarian or vegan in Ho Chi Minh is surprisingly convenient. There are many vegetarian and vegan restaurants scattered around the city and even beyond district one. However, one downside is that most of them contain onions and garlic. So if you don’t take onions and garlic you need to convey that message to them, which can be hard with the language barrier. I suggest translating the words before the trip and saving it somewhere so you can just show them. It also helps to get acquainted with the local names of Vietnamese dishes. As some of the menu are not in English without pictures and some of the translation may not make sense, sometimes I had no idea what I was ordering and just depended on sheer luck. With a bit of preparation, you’ll have a great time.

Here are the restaurants that we visited. There are more that we didn’t get a chance to visit.

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Weekly Updates: This just in – On warehouse sales and more

On life

This week was a low week and this post came late. But it was a good week in retrospect. Rest stops are necessary to go further. I got food poisoning which accidentally fixed my waking hours (edit: for 2 days). After all the moping around, I’m now ready to take on the world!

Okay not really, but almost.

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Tips for managing bank accounts

So last week I had a mini panic attack with all my bank accounts. Over the years, I’ve gotten more and more bank accounts and credit cards for all the promotions and deals. With more bank accounts, there is more balances to keep track of. How do you manage the seemingly endless bank statements, bills, fund transfers, minimum spending, average daily balances and receipts?

Here are some of my practices. Give them a try and they might just work for you.

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This just in – Loving impromptu trips

So time is zooming by at an alarming and increasing rate. I am struggling to hold back the panic that comes with another year of realising I still have not made it in this world.

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Exploring… Le Cong Kieu aka Antique Street in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Conveniently located within walking distance from Ben Thanh market, one can easily add this into your visit to Ho Chi Minh’s city center. Yet this little street is usually overlooked. If you enjoy seeking out random trinkets and antiques, this Antique Street may have just what you want.

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